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    Founded in August 1995, Guangdong Leshan Machinery Co. Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and...
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    Founded in 1995, Guandong Leshan Machinery Co., Ltd is engaged as the main manufacturer and supplier of hydraulic blow molding machine, all-electric PET blow molding machine, high-precision mold and motor and auxiliary accessories equipments.
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    What is the scale of your company? Our company has 350staff, floor area covers 37570㎡,and we own both the land and workshop. Our registered Capital is USD1.6million,and we have a long-term business license since 1995.
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    Add: No. 1 Xinhui Road, Wusha, Daliang, Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong, P.R.China Post Code: 528300 Tel: +86-757-2837-6177
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    Blow Moulding Machine,Blowing Mould,Auxiliary Machine,BLDC
  • Blow Moulding Machine
    Applying the most versatile plastic processing techniques, blow molding machines are specialized in production of tanks, pails, fuel drums, lubrication oil compartment, containers, machinery parts, toys and other plastic articles
  • PE PP PVC EVA EVOH Blow Molding Machine
    1. Our products are highly praised for being material-saving, labor-saving and energy-saving; 2. With Rapid and precise clamp force distribution, we ensure you first-class product quality;
  • U-Blow Moulding Machine
    We are professional extrusion blow moulding machine factory and supplier in China. We can produce automatic plastic blow molding device according to your requirements.
  • 85U+S2X8.5G Extrusion Blow Molding Machine
    85U+S2X8.5G automatic blow molding machines are suitable for producing hollow plastic articles under 0.5 L and made from PE, PP, EVA, ABS, PVC, TPU, Nylon and many other materials.
  • 75U+S2X1.10F Extrusion Blow Molding Machine
    75U+S2X1.10F bottle extrusion blow moulding machine is specialized in producing middle-sized plastic containers like cosmetic bottles, detergent bottles, etc.
  • 65U2X6.2G Extrusion Blow Molding Machine
    75U+S2X1.10F bottle extrusion blow moulding machine is specialized in producing middle-sized plastic containers like cosmetic bottles, detergent bottles, etc.
  • 65U2X1.5F 5L Blow Molding Machine
    As dedicated plastic container blow moulding device suppler, Leshan can produce automatic blow molding machine according to your requirements.
  • 75-25U+S2X1.10F Extrusion Blow Molding Machine
    75-25U+S2X1.10F container extrusion blow molding machine is applicable for production of lubrication bottles, cleanings stuff bottles, toys, auto parts and many other plastic articles whose volume is below 10 L. Available plastic materials are PE, PP, PS, PC, PVC, etc. Guangdong Leshan machinery is widely sold at home and abroad
  • 75-55-25U+S2X1.10F Double Layer Blow Molding Machine
    75-55-25U+S2X1.10F double layer blow molding machine is specialized in production of double layer plastic products like lubrication bottles, cleaning stuff bottles, toys, auto pats, etc.
  • 75-55U+S2X4.10F 2L Double-layer Blow Molding Machine
    75-55U+S2X4.10F 2L double-layer blow moulding machine is fully automated with safety lock during high production of bottles for cosmetics, detergents, oil, and so on. It is configured with one to eight mould heads, and its mold frame is designed to traverse on linear motion guides for outstanding performance and high efficiency.
  • 90-65-40U+S2X4.15F 2L High Production Blow Molding Machine
    90-65-40U+S2X4.15F 2L high production blow molding machine is utilized for production of lubrication bottles, cleaning stuff bottles, toys, auto parts and other plastic articles whose volume is between 1 and 2 L. Available plastic materials are PE, PP, PS, PC, PVC, etc.
  • K-Blow Moulding Machine
    K series automatic blow moulding machines are configured with tie bar clamping system, which distinguishes them from the U series machines.
  • 75K2X6.5D 500ml Extrusion Blow Molding Machine
    75K2X6.5D plastic extrusion blow moulding machine is applicable for production of plastic bottles whose maximum volume is 500 ml.
  • 75K+S2X1.10F 10L Extrusion Blow Molding Machine
    75K+S2X1.10F 10L oil bottle blow molding machines can produce 188 lubrication oil bottles (5 L, 250 g) per hour, 4500 per day, and 1.62 million per year
  • 65K+S2X1.5F 5L Extrusion Blow Molding Machine
    65K+S2X1.5F 5L detergent bottle extrusion blow molding machines are equipped with two stations and two mould cavities. It can form plastic article whose maximum volume is 5 L.
  • 55K+S2X1.2F 2L Extrusion Blow Molding Machine
    55K+S2X1.2F 2L toy/container blowing machine is with one to four cavities and two stations. For the machine with one cavity, the maximum mould volume of each cavity is 2 L, with two cavities is 1 L, and with four cavities is 500 ml. It can produce 1200 Christmas balls (100 ml and 9 g) per hour and 30000 per day.
  • 45K+S2X1.2F 2L Extrusion Blow Molding Machine
    45K+S2X1.2F automatic extrusion blow molding machine is with two mould stations. It is specialized in forming bottles whose maximum volume is 2 L. Take the detergent bottle which is 800 ml and 40 g for example, a 45K+S2X1.2F machine can blow mould 270 this kinds of bottles each hour, 6480 per day, and 2.26 million every year.
  • YG-Y Blow Moulding Machine
    YG-Y energy-saving blow moulding machines are designed specially for PETG and PVC products. They are with high rigidity PVC screws, PVC mould heads and three tie bar horizontal stations. The screw is controlled by invertor.
  • PETG and PVC Blow Molding Machine
    PETG, Polyethylene terephthalate (PET, PETE) is a plastic resin of the polyester family that is used to make beverage, food and other liquid bottles or containers, as well as for some other thermoforming applications.
  • 45YG2X1.1C Extrusion Blow Molding Machine
    45YG2X1.1C PVC extrusion blow moulding machine is used to produce plastic bottles with materials like PETG, PVC, and so on.
  • Giant-Blow Moulding Machine
    Leshan giant-blow moulding machines are used to form stackable containers whose volume ranges from 10 L to 100 L.
  • 25L Blow Moulding Machine
    This 25L blow moulding machine is specially designed for production of engineering part, auto parts, chemical barrels, pesticide sprayer and so on.
  • 85Y1X1.25D 25L Blow Molding Machine
    1. Die head and lifting platform are designed in special way. Hence, it is more stable to raise the die head and move the die head forwards and backwards.
  • 30L Extrusion Blow Molding Machine
    This extrusion blowing molding machinery is designed for engineering part, with max blow volume of 30L, and out put of 45/hr, 1100 /day. Such bottle made from plastic resin of PP, PVC, PE, PC, PS is applicable for this machine.
  • 30L Double Station Extrusion Blow Moulding Machine
    The 30L extrusion blow moulding machine is specially designed with double stations and with a out put of 90/hr, 2160 /day.
  • 90Y1X1.30D 30L Blow Molding Machine
    Leshan 90Y1X1.30D 30L blow molding machines are applicable for moulding plastic bottles containing pesticide, chair, jerry can, water tank and other packing containers which is made from PE, PP, etc. Take 30 L bottle which is 1600 g as example, the machine can produce 45 such kind of bottles per hour, 1080 per day, and 378000 per year.
  • 90Y1 X 1.60D 60L Blow Molding Machine
    Leshan also manufactures 60L blow moulding machines for chemical barrels. This kind of machine is with one station. Each cavity can blow mould barrel whose volume is up to 60 L.
  • 100L Blow Molding Machine
    100H+S1X1.100D 100L blow molding machines are specialized in production of chemical barrels whose maximum volume is 100 L. Take 50 L tanks as example, this machine can produce 50 these bottles in each hour, 1200 per day, and 0.42 million per year.
  • 30L Double Station Extrusion Blow Moulding Machine
    This blowing moulding machine is designed for production of container made from materials: PP, PVC, PE, PC, PS, with blow volume of 30L, and output 90/hr, 2160 /day.
  • PET Stretch Blow Molding Machine
    Leshan PET stretch blow molding machine is used to blow various shapes of bottles for containing chemicals, cosmetics, pesticide, etc. Our all-electric PET blowing machines can be divided into cold-filling and hot-filling series.
  • EPET06-4H Stretch Blow Molding Machine
    1. EPET06-4H stretch blow moulding machine adopts energy saving servo control that not only could accomplish high-speed mold open & close but also save 30% energy compare to the machines manufactured by other PET bottle molding machinery suppliers.
  • EPET06-6H Stretch Blow Molding Machine
    1. EPET06-6H high speed stretching blowing machine adopts energy saving servo control that not only could accomplish high-speed mold open/close but also save 30% energy compare to the same kinds of machines made by other manufacturers.
  • EPET1.5-4H Stretch Blow Molding Machine
    Ideal solutions for medium output production needs. 1. EPET1.5-4H injection molding machine is operated user-friendly PLC system.
  • EPET5-2H Stretch Blow Molding Machine
    1. EPET5-2H stretch blow molding machine employs energy saving servo control. In this way, mold open and close are fast, and 30% energy is saved compare to the same machine.
  • Spare Part
    1. Okuma vertical machining center. 2. Taiwan Kafo pentahedron machining center. 3. Gantry milling machine.
  • Blowing Mould
    Leshan Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the most important plastic mould manufacturers and plastic mould suppliers offering the proposal of whole line for container packaging in China. Leshan precise blowing moulds sand blow moulding machines can complement each other
  • Auxiliary Equipment for Blow Molding Machine
    The auxiliary equipment for the blow molding machine plays an important supporting role in guaranteeing the finished product’s variety and quality. With the joint efforts of these subsidiary machines, a variety of products have been manufactured and applied in many fields.
  • 4In1CrushingUnit (Crusher plus Color Does plus Mixer plus Loader)
    When the plastic molding machines requires an assorted material mixed together with different amount of weight, the Leshan 4 in 1 Plastic Blowing Machine (Crusher plus Color Does plus Mixer plus Loader) is the best machine for the job.
  • CA Air-cooled Type Water Chiller
    CW/A series industrial water chillers (water freezer) are used to cool down the molds of the molding machines. It can precisely control the mold’s temperature and increase the product’s level of smooth finish, reduce product surface grain mark and the internal stress, causing the product not to shrink, distort, advantageous for the product to come off the mold, accelerate product-molding and decrease the processing cycle.
  • Auto-Feeder Unit
    1. Four kinds of material, including trimmings can be mixed automatically recycled, crushed mixed and loaded into the hopper automatically according to the proportion set.
  • Color Mixer for Blow Moulding Machinet
    1. All connection parts inside the color mixer are made of stainless steel. 2. Using swirl method to conduct the mixing of raw material.
  • Plastic Crusher with Conveyor
    1. For safety and power saving, the machine using liquid spring to open/close the feeding bin and mesh screen. 2. Can be optionally equipped with auto-feeding system and dust separating system.
  • Conveyor Unit
    Leshan blow molding machine configurated with conveyer, could be continuous, high efficiency, large dip angle belt conveyor transportation, safe operation.
  • Color Doses and Color Mixer
    LM series Color Doses and Mixer is exact auto-metering equipment used for injection molding or other plastic processing industry. It is applicable to mix virgin with regrinding, master batches or additives homogeneously in different pre-set percentages and can get best quality with least waste while molding.
  • Honey Comb Dehumidifier
    The honeycomb dehumidifier consists of three zones, namely dehumidifying, regeneration and cooling zones. The dehumidifying and regeneration can function simultaneously with the world famous motor gear controlling the rotating speed.
  • Hopper Dryer for Injection Molding Machine
    Our HD Series hopper dryer, widely applied in many different injection molding machines, is effective in getting rid of the moisture from the raw material prior to molding. It helps in maintaining corrosion resistance properties.
  • Hopper Loader
    The hopper loader, together used with a variety of plastic machines and hopper dryers, serves as one of the ancillary machines to transport the plastic materials.
  • Horizontal Mixer
    Horizontal plastic mixer machines are widely used for mixing, drying, and coloring for all kinds of plastic resin, especially for large production capacity. Hot material from heating mixer is fed into cooling mixer for cooling to eliminate gas and avoid burning.
  • Labeling Machine Unit
    Here in Leshan, we adopt vertical sticker labeling machine in the plastic processing line. The labeling machine is used to dispense or apply labels to various items, products, containers or packages.
  • 500ml-1500ml Labeling Machine Unit
    The 500ml-1500ml automatic cold glue labeling machine is specially designed for round bottles. Its working principle can be simply illustrated as follows: The labeling rod starts by applying some glue onto its surface, and the label box then passes the label to the rod, which rotates and passes down the label to the vacuum belt which then glues the label on the bottle.
  • 150ml~1000ml Labeling Unit (Machine)
    The automatic vertical labeling machine is specially designed for full or partial wrap around round containers at different sizes. It can at most label 150 containers per minute In light of the performance. Meanwhile, the equipment of roller spacing device makes no change parts required.
  • Leak Testing Machine Unit (Leak Detection Equipment)
    Leak testing unit (leak detection equipment) is specially designed to detect the tiny but crucial leakage with the aim to improve operation efficiency and products’ quality.
  • Oil Cooler
    An oil cooler can be described as a smaller radiator apart from the engine’s main radiator.
  • Plastic Crusher
    SC Series Strong plastic crusher is mainly used for crushing spherical or strip-like plastic waste into tiny bits, which then are reprocessed for useful products, sometimes different in form from their original ones.
  • Vertical Loader ML-AL
    ML-AL autoloader (Vacuum Hopper Loader) is an ancillary machine which can work together with other various plastic machines and hopper dryers in the whole bottle blow line.
  • Water Cooler
    1. Temperature for water cooler machine ranges from 15℃to 120℃. What’s more, with access to famous PID automatic temperature control, precise temperature can be achieved with the deviation confined within 1℃.
  • BLDC (Brushless Direct Current Motor)
    Leshan blow molding machine's oil pump motor is" Energy-Saving Brushless Motor", which makes the energy consumption more amazing! The Energy-Saving Brushless DC Motor enables the hydraulic oil valve output more accurate while assuring the overflow control more precise.