45YG2X1.1C Extrusion Blow Molding Machine

45YG2X1.1C PVC Extrusion Blow Moulding Machine


45YG2X1.1C PVC extrusion blow moulding machine is used to produce plastic bottles with materials like PETG, PVC, and so on. It is equipped with one or two mould cavities, specialized in forming small packing articles for containing medicine, cosmetic, pesticide, etc. As one of China’s most reliable plastic blowing device manufacturers, Leshan offers you a wide range of products which feature compact structure, low energy consumption, high production output, great working performance and user-friendliness. All component parts of 45YG2X1.1C PVC extrusion blow moulding machine are produced by CNC machine in order to maintain high precision.

Brief Introduction

45YG2X1.1C Example Bottle 1 L, 70 g
Twin station two cavities blow moulder up to 0.05L Output 300/hr, 7200/day, 2.5million/year

General Features:

  • 1. High-rigidity double die heads and stations are provided.
  • 2. There are three bar horizontal stations.
  • 3. Bottles produced by this PVC extrusion blow moulding machine mainly are single-layer articles.
  • 4. Screw is controlled by the inverter.
  • 5. It can be optionally configured with thickness control system and auto-deflasher device.
  • 6. This series PVC extrusion blow moulding machines are of simple appearance and compact structure. The dry cycle time is only 3 seconds.
  • 7. Screw diameter is 45 mm.
  • 8. For this machine, the maximum blow volume is 1 L. Apart from PVC and PETG, other available materials are PE, PP, PS, PC, etc.

Technical Data of 45YG2X1.1C PVC Extrusion Blow Moulding Machine

1. General Features

Carriage Horizontal Shuttle Stroke mm 314
Dry Cycle sec 3"
Clamp Force kN 17
Pressure of Hydraulic System Mpa 14
Pressure of Pneumatic System Mpa 0.6-0.8
Pressure of Cooling System Mpa 0.2-0.3
Air Consumption (Estimated) m3 / hr 3
Minimum Pressure for Cooling Water to Machine Mpa 0.2
Power of Pump Motor for Hydraulic Movements kW 4
Power of Servo Pump Motor(If Needed) kW (5.5)
Power of Die Head Heating kW 3.2
Power of Knife kW 2
Total Power Installed (Estimated, Maximum) kW  21.2

2. Extruders

Screw Diameter  mm 45
Extruder Rotating Speed / 20~60
Power of Electric Motor kW 7.5
Power of Barrel Heating kW 4.5
Max. Throughput = PVC kg/h 20

3. Mould Dimensions

Maximum Width A mm 230
Maximum Length B mm 280
Minimum Depth C mm 50
Clamp Open Max. Daylight D mm 150
Open Stroke E mm 75
Max Weight of Mould   kg 100

4. Production Possibilities

Cavities   1 2         
Max. Center Distance mm / 70/85    
Max. Container Width mm 230 60/75    
Max. Container Height mm 280 160    
Max. Container Depth mm 37.5 25    
Container Capacity (Estimated) lt 1 0.5    

5. Machine Dimensions

Maximum Width mm 1750
Maximum Length mm 2400
Maximum Height mm 2100
Total Weight kg 2200

Equipment warranty for each PVC extrusion blow moulding machine is one year, during which you can ask for machine part replacement service for free if it is damaged (the quick wear parts are excluded). Besides, we offer free installation service to domestic clients and all-life service for our clients around the world.

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