Leshan giant-blow moulding machines are used to form stackable containers whose volume ranges from 10 L to 100 L. We are specialist blow moulding machine manufacturer in China, apart from 10 L to 100 L container blowing equipments, we also supply machines for small and medium sized bottles, auxiliary devices and blowing moulds.

Machine Features

  • 1. In the giant-blow moulding machines, stationary and moving carriage clamping systems are optional for clients.
  • 2. Single station or double station is optional during blow moulding.
  • 3. Directional or proportional valve is optional to control movement.
  • 4. It is designed to accommodate up to 100 L container.
  • 5. With direct clamping cylinder, it features accurate clamping force.
  • 6. Auto-finishing, trimming and product unloading are stably performed.
  • 7. Leshan giant-blow moulding machines are configured with many additional accessories, including core pullers, needle blow pin, unscrewing blow pin, and so on.
  • 8. It features compact structure, reliable performance and extended durability.
  • 9. It is manufactured according to CE regulations.


  • 1. High traveling speed decreases the non-productive times.
  • 2. Clamping force is uniform and strong so as to prolong the service time of moulds
  • 3. For the giant-blow moulding machines, the electronic-hydraulic position control during mould closing can optimize the pinch-off seams for all materials.
  • 4. The clamping unit can move forward, allowing for an easier clamping of the mould.
  • 5. Extruder, head platform and calibrating station are adjustable with electromotive power.
  • 6. User-friendly control system supports fault diagnosis and remote controlling.
  • 7. The production line can be extended by arranging downstream stations to form a newly lengthened production line.

Reasons to Choose LESHAN

  • 1. Leshan blow moulding machines, including the giant-blow moulding machines, are the most stable machine which you can rely on. It can blow plastic bottles for accommodating pesticide, oil, water, drinks, detergent, chemicals and many other matters.
  • 2. Leshan is a recognized leader for providing innovative blow moulding equipments while charging client-profitable cost.