YG-Y energy-saving blow moulding machines are designed specially for PETG and PVC products. They are with high rigidity PVC screws, PVC mould heads and three tie bar horizontal stations. The screw is controlled by invertor. This machine adopts Yuken oil valve, high-tech oil pump and Rexroth electromagnetic reversing valve. Besides, it is of simple appearance and compact structure. The dry cycle time is only 3 seconds. As specialist PETG/PVC bottle blowing machinery, Leshan provides a series of standard extrusion blow moulding machines as well as auxiliary equipments. Here, the YG-Y energy-saving blow moulding machines are used for production of small and medium sized bottles.


  • 1. FAST:Independent drives and overlapping movements mean shorter cycle times.
  • 2. PRECISE: Tolerance-free drive component guarantees highest precision.
  • 3. RELIABLE: Full performance starts from the first cycle.
  • 4. LOW MAINTENANCE: YG-Y energy-saving blow moulding machines are in simple and compact mechanical design.
  • 5. ENERGY SAVING: It can reduce the energy consumption by 25%.
  • 6. LOW NOISE: The noise level at the workplace is significantly reduced.

Machine Features

  • 1. YG-Y energy-saving blow moulding machines adopt directional valve to control movement.
  • 2. Germany’s Siemens intelligent control system is applied in this PETG/PVC bottle blowing machinery. With multi-language user interface, this system is convenient to operate, and program is easier to be set and modified.
  • 3. Alignment rods and three tie bars are utilized in its direct-acting clamping system.
  • 4. Single station or double station machine production is supported.
  • 5. The energy-saving blow moulding machines are of compact design, firm structure, reliable performance and extended durability.
  • 6. Due to top and side open design, mould changing is convenient and fast done.